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Africa : Kenya open to buying fuel from Russia – President Ruto

Africa : Kenya open to buying fuel from Russia – President Ruto

Africa : buying fuel from Russia – President Ruto – Kenyan president, William Ruto, has disclosed that the East African country is open to buying fuel from Russia.

He told the BBC in an interview that Kenya will consider the option of turning to Moscow for fuel needs in order to drive down prices of the commodity at home.

“I am now going to move on to the agenda of making sure that we have government-to-government relationships that will progressively now begin the journey to bring the prices of fuel down,” President Ruto said.

“All options are available to us as a country.”

Most African countries have condemned Russian aggression of Ukraine with the African Union, AU, calling for a cessation of hostilities and commitment to peace talks.

Kenya, like most African countries, is facing an economic crisis partly blamed on the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The end result has been high cost of living especially with galloping inflation affecting food and fuel.

Ruto, barely two weeks in office, has removed subsidies on fuel and also subsidized fertilizers, two of the earliest moves by his administration.



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