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Britney Spears’ death rumours debunked – General News

Britney Spears’ death rumours debunked – General News

Britney Spears has been leaving fans concerned as the singer recently flew under the radar, making social media users if she’s on the verge of collapse.

Netizens recently started speculating if someone has taken over her social media account while some thought she was in rehab.

The princess of pop recently posted on the Facebook-owned that she’s ready to travel to New York after which an army of paparazzi waited for her in the Big Apple.

However, the Toxic singer never arrived in the big city, fuelling the rumours.

Clearing the air, TMZ recently stepped in to share that an insider close to the singer shared that she’s not dead but is in Mexico with her hubby Sam Asghari.

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Meanwhile, the singer recently extended an olive branch to her mum Lynn Spears, talking ‘about it’ on coffee.

Taking to Instagram, the singer offered a glimpse of her meet-up with her mother in an otherwise scathing post.

After criticizing IG policies, the singer spilt the beans on her casual meeting with Lynn.

She wrote: “Mom and Dad… I crossed the border and I made it!!! After no coffee for 15 years… Mom we can go have coffee together now!!!”

“I’m treated as an equal … let’s have coffee and talk about it!!! Britney wrote.



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