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General News : 50 Cent promises to bring Eminem to The Drew Barrymore show

General News : 50 Cent promises to bring Eminem to The Drew Barrymore show

General News : 50 Cent – Eminem – 50 Cent will be bringing Eminem to a live show with Drew Barrymore.

On Monday, November 14th, 2022, 50 cent stepped in to cover for Drew Barrymore on her show as she took a take off, per The Decider.

“I know what you’re thinking. I’m not Drew Barrymore. But I got you. You know, you’re with me today,” he told the audience before throwing to a clip from one of last week’s episodes where the talk show host joked about not being able to play hooky, since, of course, what’s The Drew Barrymore Show without Drew Barrymore?

“This is what it would be like if I decided to play hooky,” she said in the clip as she hid behind her Drew’s News desk, leaving co-host Ross Mathews sitting alone. “I can’t get away with it.”

“You can’t. Is someone gonna sub for you, Drew? You can’t do it,” Mathews said to which she responded, “I don’t know. But I just simply can’t get away with, ‘I can’t be there.’”

50 has been a guest at the show more than once and Drew has a good rapport with him. In an old episode when the rapper appeared with Barrymore on the show, they talked about Slim Shady and his friendship with 50. In the episode, the duo spontaneously decided to send a video message to Slim Shady.

This time around, since Drew was not present to record another video message for Em or have a box of Mom’s Spaghetti on air, 50 cent promised to bring his buddy Eminem on the show sometime, via EPro.

While the rapper didn’t specify when was this going to happen, but it had Eminem stans excited for sure.


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