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General News : Bhad Bhabie Thinks People Who Subscribed To OF On Her 18th BDay Should Be Jailed

General News : Bhad Bhabie Thinks People Who Subscribed To OF On Her 18th BDay Should Be Jailed

Bhad Bhabie – An interview from last month is making the rounds today (January 10) after Sundae Conversation with Danielle Bregoli reshared highlights on TikTok. The outrageous interviews often steal attention, much like the chit-chat with controversial social media personality Bregoli or Bhad Bhabie. The 19-year-old first gained fame as a troubled child with an attitude on Dr. Phil, but these days, she’s making millions with OnlyFans content.

As soon as Bregoli turned 18 years old, she and her team immediately launched her OnlyFans content. She reportedly posed in lingerie and later would add other models to her video and photo shoots.

Quickly, the public pushed back on the popularity of Bregoli’s OF page because of her age. Some argued that for those first photos to be accessible, Bregoli would have had to be underage when she posed for the racy shoots.

When she sat down with Sundae Conversation, the rapper answered questions related to her career. It was mentioned that she joined OnlyFans the day she turned 18.

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“People subscribed right away?” she was asked, to which she answered, “Yeah.” Then, the question was raised, “Should they be in jail?” Bregoli responded “yeah” to that, as well.

While the masses seem to agree, Bregoli has been criticized for this newly circulating clip. She previously boasted about making tens of millions from OnlyFans, and many people questioned wanting people jailed while taking their money.

Beyond the pushback, Bregoli has also recently called attention to alleged abuses at the Turn-About Ranch in Utah. The purported rehabilitation center for troubled youth has come under fire after allegations of mental and physical abuse surfaced from former attendees.

Following her controversial stint on Dr. Phil, Bregoli was sent to the location. She detailed kids being forcibly detained, deprived of food and sleep, and staff ignoring complaints of bullying.



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