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General News : Blueface Beefs With NBA YoungBoy And The Island Boys

General News : Blueface Beefs With NBA YoungBoy And The Island Boys

Blueface Beefs With NBA YoungBoy – The holiday season usually puts people into a festive mood and promotes generosity. However, it appears as though this isn’t quite the case for Blueface.

On Saturday morning (December 24), the “Thotiana” rapper took to his Instagram account to go live with the Island Boys. Once the twin brothers joined, the trio immediately began to start showing throw shots at each other.

Kodiyakredd, one half of the Florida duo, was quick to instigate an argument with Blueface about each other’s girls. “She’s better looking,” the Florida native says about his girlfriend, before proceeding to wake her up to show her face to the Live. “Why would you wake your girl up to do her like that? Your b*tch is trash,” says the “Thotiana” rapper.

He didn’t show his girlfriend, Chrisean Rock, but Redd aired out his thoughts on her anyway. “Your girl’s a sloppy drunk, off that cheap ass liquor,” the Island Boy clapped back.

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Evidently, the artists have a lot to say about each other. “We actually talented. We have personality, we have all that. You still talking, like boring me, making me snore and sh*t like that. Let’s talk about some gangsta sh*t, some jailbird sh*t. You happy you went to jail and bonded out, good for you. When your trial hits, you’re gonna hit it like Tory Lanez and cry on the floor, so shut your b*tch ass up. You got kids, go take care of them,” Redd went on to say.

His twin brother, Flyysoulja, wasn’t as involved in the arguments. “I’m telling you, your brother [Kodiyakredd] is a documented b*tch online,” the L.A. native makes sure to tell him. The live exchange lasted for nearly an hour in its entirety.

Additionally, the “Bleed It” rapper got into an entertaining, more light-hearted exchange with NBA YoungBoy. “You know I got more b*tches than you,” the 25-year-old says.

The Baton Rouge native subsequently laughs it off. “I’ma keep it gangsta.. I’ll say, I done came across some sh*t that show you be getting down and you ain’t f*cking with the Slime,” he replies. He goes on to invite Blueface to do a “bad girl’s club” with each other. “You get your group and I’ma get my group, and we gon’ see who got the baddest h*es,” he suggests afterwards.

What are your thoughts on Blueface’s most recent antics? Sound off in the comments down below. Finally, make sure to tune into our newest annual Christmas playlist here.



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