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General News : Brad Pitt considering a ‘semi-retirement’ after selling more than half of production company

General News : Brad Pitt considering a ‘semi-retirement’ after selling more than half of production company

Brad Pitt sold off 60 percent stake in his production company, Plan B, to French company Mediawan, last month.

The Babylon actor was recently spotted sunbathing by a pool in Mexico with new girlfriend, Ines de Ramon, during their New Year getaway. According to Page Six, the trip was Pitt’s plan to take a step back from Hollywood.

Per the outlet’s source, in light of the Plan B pact, in which he sold 60% of the company he founded with his ex, Jennifer Aniston, to a French media conglomerate, “Brad has decided that he wants to live a peaceful life going forward and is deciding what ‘semi-retirement’ looks like for him.”

The source added, “One thing he’s decided is that he will likely continue acting,” but that he is staying away from other business ventures.

Another source told the outlet that the actor, 59, “is considering leaving Hollywood and moving to France and doing his vineyard and art and making furniture… He just wants to live in peace.”

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Previously, the same source previously mentioned before the Plan B deal was made public that Pitt “would be leaving Hollywood on a high note.”

However, an insider close to Pitt cautioned that he won’t stop his acting career anytime soon.

“While Brad has put a lot of time into the various [businesses based out of the French estate, Chateau Miraval, he bought with Angelina Jolie], and his other interests like architecture, he is absolutely committed to his film career,” said the insider.

The Chateau Miraval is the winery has also been at the center of their ongoing divorce battle.

But the Pitt source also insisted, “He is not leaving Hollywood.”


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