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General News : Cardi B shares glimpse of a new tattoo as she gushes over baby son Wave

General News : Cardi B shares glimpse of a new tattoo as she gushes over baby son Wave

General News : Cardi B tattoo – Cardi B added to her tattoo collection and shared the first glimpse of her new tattoo on Instagram.

The I Like It crooner took to Instagram to share her new ink with her fans as she proudly displayed the artwork to her followers on the social networking site.

Cardi, 30, kept her dedication to her baby boy simple with red ink and cursive text spelling out ‘Wave’ on her jawline in the photo which she uploaded alongside a caption with his name in white letters written across the image.

The beauty opted for a full face of glamorous makeup as she gazed into the distance for the candid picture to display tattoo artist Robinson De Los Santos’ work.

The inking is no surprise to her fans as Cardi has been toying with the idea all year after first teasing her decision on Twitter back in January.

She shared: “Random but ….I’m 1% close to tatting my son’s name on my face….I really really wanna do it!”

Cardi is no stranger to a tattoo with a huge design covering both sides of her legs, back, and bum amongst the inkings she already has adorning her body.

She opted to get the tattoo back in August, confirming to fans that she had done it during a live on Instagram back in September.

She said: “I tatted my son’s name because I love him, and I tatted my daughter’s name.”

Her young daughter, four-year-old Kulture, has her name written in cursive in dark ink, on the inside of Cardi’s left arm near her elbow.

Cardi shares her children with fellow rapper Offset who recently lost his cousin and Migos bandmate Takeoff when he was tragically gunned down and killed on November 1.

Last week Cardi posted a tribute to the late star as she admitted the heartbreak felt at his passing.


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