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General News : Christian Bale Didn’t Want To Talk To Johnny Depp Until… On ‘Public Enemies’, He Once Said “I Enjoy It That Way”

General News : Christian Bale Didn’t Want To Talk To Johnny Depp Until… On ‘Public Enemies’, He Once Said “I Enjoy It That Way”

General News : Christian Bale – Johnny Depp – Christian Bale is a noted English actor who has won his fans’ hearts around the world with his stellar acting skills in a variety of movies in his career. He was a part of some of the iconic movies of all time including Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Promise, The Big Short, Exodus: Gods and Kings, The Flowers of War, Terminator Salvation, etc. Apart from other actors, Christian also shared screen space with Johnny Depp in the film Public Enemies, and it will be interesting for you to know that he once made a shocking revelation about how he never spoke to Depp off the set.

Christian Bale and Johnny Depp-starrer Public Enemies was a biopic drama directed by Michael Mann. The movie was an adaptation of Bryan Burrough’s 2004 book Public Enemies: America’s Greatest Crime Wave and the Birth of the FBI, 1933–34. While Depp essayed the role of a bank robber named John Dillinger, Bale was seen portraying FBI agent Melvin Purvis. The author of the book earlier planned to make a television miniseries on the subject but later decided to write a book instead.

While the movie Public Enemies received a positive response from the audience, the fans would be excited to know that Christian Bale did not interact with Johnny Depp on the sets, except shooting for their scenes together. According to Showbiz Cheatsheet, the Batman star opened up about how Johnny Depp’s method acting set up a barrier between him and Depp.

Christian Bale once told Collider about his experience working with Johnny Depp. He revealed how the nature of their off-screen terms was very similar to that of their characters as the dup played the roles of Cop and Robber. He said, “He does his own thing. He makes very interesting choices and makes a real variety of movies. I find that interesting. I think naturally he found Dillinger to be a fascinating character and I think he did a superb job with it. But the nature of the way that we worked together was very similar to the way of the story. Purvis only that one time caught up with him. Pretty much I only caught up with Johnny that one time. If I was working he wasn’t.”

Moreover, Christian Bale also spoke to Wales Online, as reported by Showbiz Cheatsheet, revealing that he did not talk to Johnny Depp unless they were performing a scene and added how much he enjoyed that way. He even revealed that even Depp seemed to be happy that way. He even revealed in another interview that tends to keep his distance from his co-actors so that it wouldn’t affect their on-screen presence.

He added, “I didn’t want to talk unless it was while we were doing a scene, I enjoy it that way. Johnny seemed happy to do it that way, too, so I guess the answer is no, we really didn’t get to know each other better between takes.”


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