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General News : Emily Ratajkowski, as a single mother, gives a peek into her morning routine

General News : Emily Ratajkowski, as a single mother, gives a peek into her morning routine

General News : Emily Ratajkowski – Emily Ratajkowski discusses what she often does in morning along with her baby.

Emily Ratajkowski has recently shared a glimpse of her morning routine as a single mother to an 18-month-old son amid rumoured link-up with Pete Davidson.

“Well, I have a son – he wakes me up!” said the model in a new interview with Vogue UK this month.

Emily, who split from her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard, revealed that she did not have a nanny in the morning to help her with the baby.

“The first thing I do is change his diaper and get him fed, and then I have coffee and stare at him while he eats,” noted the 31-year-old.

However, Emily also gives some time to her skin in the morning after taking care of her baby.

“Once that’s done, I take care of my skin. I have gotten a lot better at being good with my skin,” mentioned the Gone Girl actress.

Recalling her early 20s, Emily told magazine that she was careless about her skincare and now in her 30s, the model has a “whole routine” including sunscreen, toner and moisturiser.

“Then I get dressed – hopefully quickly, because my closet is relatively organised, and then I’m out the door,” stated Emily.

Currently, the actress as well as the model is living a new apartment in NYC after parting ways with Sebastian.

Earlier, Emily was reportedly linked to Brad Pitt and later DJ Orazio Rispo.


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