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General News : Georgina Rodriguez to dress modestly as Cristiano Ronaldo joins as Al-Nassr

General News : Georgina Rodriguez to dress modestly as Cristiano Ronaldo joins as Al-Nassr

Georgina Rodriguez will reportedly have to follow a strict dress code after her beau Cristiano Ronaldo signed deal with Saudi Arabia’s Al-Nassr.

As per report published by Marca Magazine, the Spanish social media influencer and model can’t wear revealing clothes in the country.

Rodriguez can only dress modestly which means she cannot show cleavage or wear tight clothes as well as short garments, the outlet revealed.

In simple terms, the ladylove of legendary football icon will have to refrain from showing too much skin while being in the country.

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According to several media outlets, Saudi Arabia has already bent their laws for the lovebirds by allowing them to stay even though they are not legally married which is against their laws.

This comes after it was reportedly by Socialite that Ronaldo and Rodriguez have postponed their wedding after hitting a rough patch post World Cup lost.

“The recent disappointment of the player in the World Cup in Qatar with the Portuguese national team may have triggered a crisis and the wedding they had planned is on ‘standby’,” the outlet reported.


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