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General News : Gwyneth Paltrow reveals she’s nothing ‘left to quit’ for New Year’s resolution

General News : Gwyneth Paltrow reveals she’s nothing ‘left to quit’ for New Year’s resolution

Gwyneth Paltrow has recently broken her silence on New Year’s resolution for 2023, saying she’s “too old” and got “nothing left to quit”

In her Goop newsletter, the Great Expectations actress mentioned that she doesn’t need new year as “motivation to improve” her life

“I’m not a big resolutions person because I think it sets us up to fail. I try to set broader goals and work toward them all year,” said the 50-year-old.

The Iron Man star explained, “I think about the little incremental changes I can make as opposed to some big sweeping thing.”

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“Also, I’m so old now and have been doing this for so long that I kind of have nothing left to quit. It becomes about less-tangible things,” noted the actress.

Gwyneth has very different goals other than eating healthy or doing exercise to be fit.

“I think the new year is a good time to reassess: What kind of leader do I want to be? What are my goals at work?” stated the Contagion actress.

Reflecting on parenting, Gwyneth commented, “What kind of parent do I want to be now that my kids are older?”

“I always imagine an ideal future state and then I think about: What do I need to do to get there?” she added.


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