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General News : Insiders weigh in on Kylie Jenner’s ‘tough’ breakup from Travis Scott

General News : Insiders weigh in on Kylie Jenner’s ‘tough’ breakup from Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner – Travis Scott – Kylie Jenner’s differences from Travis Scott have reportedly caused yet another split, and the star is in ‘desperate need’ of her sister Kendall.

This insight has been brought to light by an insider close to HollywoodLife.

Per the insider, “Kylie admired Kendall for how she walked through her breakup [with] Devin.”

So much so that, “Kendall and Kylie’s sisterly bond has gotten stronger in the past couple of months because of the difficult breakups they both had gone through.”

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“They were, and still are, each other’s rocks and, at times, shoulders to cry on,” the same source revealed.

“Kylie saw how strong Kendall was throughout the whole ordeal and she really needed some of that strength for herself.”

Before singing off the inside source also added, “She leaned on Kendall a lot and Kendall was there for her every step of the way Kylie is so grateful and their sisterly bond is, literally, unbreakable right now.”



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