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General News : Kanye West has been suspended from Instagram yet again — but not before blaming the so-called Jewish media for an apparent technical issue that was entirely self-inflicted.

On Sunday (October 30), the Chicago rap mogul voiced his support for Kyrie Irving by posting a black-and-white photo of the Brooklyn Nets guard on Instagram with the caption: “There’s some real ones still here.”

Like Kanye, Kyrie has come under fire for alleged anti-Semitism after he tweeted a link to a film called Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America, which, according to Nets owner Joe Tsai, is “based on a book full of anti-Semitic disinformation.”


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Ye appeared to have trouble tagging Kyrie in his Instagram post, though, as he later shared a screenshot of him searching for the NBA All-Star’s verified account, only to see a swarm of fake pages.

In his caption, Kanye blamed the hitch on the “red media,” a term he previously used to describe media companies that are purportedly ran by Jewish people and have “teamed up” on him.

“They make it impossible to tag the right page when the #redmedia mad at you,” he wrote. “Here’s two examples back to back[.] I spent ten minutes trying to figure out how to tag the right page.”

Kanye had, in fact, misspelled Kyrie Irving’s name as “Kryie” in the search bar.

The Donda rapper made the same mistake while attempting to tag Stephen A. Smith in a separate Instagram post saluting the sports pundit for also being a “real one.” Kanye had misspelled Smith’s first name as “Steven.”


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Kanye West’s support for Kyrie Irving and Stephen A. Smith came in the middle of a spree of Instagram posts that further stirred controversy.

In one post, West called out Roxie Washington, the mother of George Floyd’s daughter, who is considering suing him for $250 million after he suggested Floyd died from fentanyl and not at the hands of Minneapolis police officers.

“I gave 2 million dollars out of my pocket for the family. To help George’s daughter…Your daughter!” Kanye wrote in part. “You’re either being controlled or you’re being greedy … GOD don’t like ugly … Look at yo motherfucking hat. Yo hat ugly.”

Ye also attacked Ari Emmanuel, the high-powered media executive who penned an op-ed calling for companies to cut ties with him, while comparing the costly backlash to his recent anti-Semitic comments to the brutal death of Emmett Till.

However, Kanye blamed his latest Instagram suspension — his third of the year — on a text message conversation with Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons that he publicized on his page.

In the exchange, Simmons urged Ye to “leave this fight and strategize,” “rebuild your biz” and “fight white supremacy while getting out the frustrations that blacks have with their jewish brothers in a digestible way.”

Kanye wrote back: “I’m staying in America[.] I gotta get the Jewish business people to make the contracts fair Or die trying,” while adding in his caption: “The entire entertainment business changes noooooowwww on Donda in Jesus name.”

The former billionaire later announced on Parler — the conservative social media app he agreed to purchase earlier in October — that he had been suspended from Instagram over the post.

“Got kicked off instagram for 30 days for telling Russel Simmons that I was going to make ‘you know who’ have better contracts and business practices Jesus is king,” he wrote to his reported 30,000 followers.



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