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General News : Kanye West Causes Mayhem At ComplexCon, Crowd Goes Wild

General News : Kanye West Causes Mayhem At ComplexCon, Crowd Goes Wild

General News : Kanye West Causes Mayhem – These days, everyone wants a piece of Kanye West. After a brief lull from West following a string of controversies, the Rap mogul has returned with news. The Donda hitmaker recently confirmed that he would make his bid for president in the 2024 election. Additionally, West plans to kick off his campaign by selling his Balenciaga gear for $20 a piece.

The revelation came as the rapper made a triumphant—and criticized—return to Twitter. His “shalom” post has stirred the pot, especially considering the recent drama involving his anti-Semitic remarks.

As the re-emergence of Kanye West commands attention, he surprised ComplexCon attendees by making an appearance. The event took place in Long Beach, Calif., this past weekend, and clips surfaced online showed utter mayhem as West made his way through the crowd.

Huffington Post spoke with someone who witnessed the disarray, and she detailed her firsthand experience. According to a witness named Teena Thach, Ye was only on the premises for 30 minutes before exiting.

“It was crowded, and he had security, and there were so many people around him, people started pushing,” she said. “He was trying to walk out, but there was a huge crowd around the whole time. Then he eventually went to the exit.”

Thach shared videos of the moment on Twitter, where she also stated people were throwing merch items at him. It is unclear if this was done in malice, but she added it was “nuts.”

West looked as if he enjoyed the attention. His critics continue to call him out on social media, especially as his former employees come forward. There are accusations that Ye verbalized his adoration of Adolf Hitler. Van Lathan, the former TMZ producer who famously confronted West, co-signed this gossip.

Check out more from Kanye West at ComplexCon above.


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