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General News : Kylie Jenner ‘isn’t with’ Travis Scott? Source breaks silence

General News : Kylie Jenner ‘isn’t with’ Travis Scott? Source breaks silence

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s relationship status has just been weighed in on by inside sources.

This insight has been brought forward by an inside source close to People magazine.

Per the insider, “She spent the holidays in Aspen with her family. They have split several times in the past and this is probably not the end of their relationship.”

“Kylie is very focused on her kids and her business. She is not a big partier. Travis is the opposite. He likes to party. They definitely have different focuses. They always did.”

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The inside source also noted how the couple’s relationship has “never been an easy” one in light of the ‘flip outs’ Kylie would be prone to whenever cheating rumors arose.

When asked about their living situation and why marriage was ‘never on the table’ the source added, “There is a reason that they never got married. It’s always been very up and down. And they have never even lived together. They have always had separate homes.”



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