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General News : LeBron James Claps Back At Recent Criticism

General News : LeBron James Claps Back At Recent Criticism

General News : LeBron James has heard it all throughout his career. LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers have struggled this season. To be fair to LeBron, he has been fine. Some fans have criticized him for being a bit slower this year, and the media is also going with that narrative. His averages, on the other hand, tell a much different story.
LeBron Is Aging

Considering the fact that LeBron is about to turn 38, it is easy to see how he might be losing a step. Quite frankly, it is a miracle that he is actually playing at such a high level. He has learned how to adapt to today’s game, and he remains a huge scoring presence for the Lakers.

Over the last few games, LeBron has struggled with what appears to be a foot injury. This has seemingly expedited the aging process, although James is happy with where he is. As he told ClutchPoints, he finds all of the criticism amusing.

“It’s motivation to myself to continue to play at a high level,” James said. “No matter the mileage or the years or the games or whatever the case may be, which I’ve been on the floor. So, I try to push the limit and even try to excel the limit when it comes to this game and much I can continue to contribute at a high level.”

The Lakers superstar then went on to reference his age, noting that things are going to happen. At the end of the day, he seems at peace with where he is right now.

“Come on, man. I’m turning 38 in basically two months,” LeBron explained. “When you know who you are, to be honest, if you’re really truly still caring about what people say? That doesn’t matter.”

After making these comments, the Lakers went on to lose 114-101 at the hands of the Clippers. They are now 2-9 on the season.


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