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General News : LeBron James Offers Touching Message To Bryce

General News : LeBron James Offers Touching Message To Bryce

General News : LeBron James – Bryce – LeBron James is nearing the end of his career, and he is looking at ways to maximize these final years. Over the past year or so, it has become clear that his final goal is not another title. Instead, he wants to go out and play at least one season with Bronny.

James also has a younger son who is 15 years old. That son is Bryce Maximus, who is currently teammates with Bronny over at Sierra Canyon. Some believe that Bryce is going to be the better player, which will be interesting to see over the next few years.
LeBron James Shouts Out Bryce

If you know anything about LeBron, you know that he loves to shoutout his sons on social media. He is a father who always brings forth some positive affirmations, which is truly a beautiful thing. Additionally, he does the same thing for his daughter Zhuri, and of course, it typically leads to an adorable post.

Today, LeBron James decided to levy his shoutout to Bryce. In the post below, James showed off a video of him and his son, with the caption “Always here and riding with you Young King. You make me extremely happy and proud to be your pops! Thank you kid!”


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Overall, it was a really nice message that only Skip Bayless could hate on. James is raising his kids to be great young men, and he has never put pressure on them to be NBA stars. They clearly have a lot of talent, and they seem motivated to uphold their dad’s legacy.


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