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General News : Lil Tjay To Be Released On $90K Bond: Report

General News : Lil Tjay To Be Released On $90K Bond: Report

Lil Tjay – He kicked off the week excited to film a music video with Ice Spice, but instead, Lil Tjay was arrested. We previously reported on the New York rapper being detained in the Bronx. According to reports, Tjay was sitting in a parked car as a passenger when police approached.

However, the ˆ reported that police “pulled over” the vehicle before executing a search. Then, officers were said to have located “several loaded firearms,” and Tjay was arrested.

Laster, the rapper’s attorney, Dawn Florio, questioned if the search was legal. The Post reported that the Cadillac Escalade was idling in a no-standing zone, prompting the police to investigate.

“Cops found two loaded .380-caliber pistols and two loaded 9mm handguns inside the vehicle,” the outlet stated. Additionally, it was noted that no one in the vehicle “had a valid license for the guns.”

Tjay was charged with second-degree criminal possession of a weapon. This is classified as a felony. He is slated to bond out of Rikers Island today (January 18) after posting $90,000 bail.

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“He didn’t get out because the judge wouldn’t [take time] to sign or look at the bond,” said Florio. “It was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“There was a gun that was allegedly found behind the driver’s seat in the back,” Florio said. She further argued that one firearm was “found on the licensed security guard. And two guns in a lock box. They started searching the car and they found the guns.”

“But the security guard, who is a retired federal officer,” she continued. “They didn’t care.”


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Meanwhile, at the same time of Tjay’s arrest, Ice Spice was also in the Bronx facing off with police. She was reportedly in a vehicle with a man when they were stopped by officers. The man was arrested and also charged with criminal possession of a firearm.



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