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General News : Megan Thee Stallion’s Ex-BFF Kelsey Named As Shooter By Tory Lanez Defense: Report

General News : Megan Thee Stallion’s Ex-BFF Kelsey Named As Shooter By Tory Lanez Defense: Report

General News : Megan Thee Stallion’s Ex-BFF Kelsey – After over two years of speculation and online spats, Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion will face off in a court of law. We’ve been tracking the updates of this case since Megan was reportedly shot in the foot in July 2020. The circumstances leading up to the incident remain unclear, but as the trial is underway, many revelations are making their way to social media.

We previously reported that opening statements have been given today (December 12). Megan has repeatedly argued that Lanez pulled the trigger; however, his defense team has pointed the finger at Megan’s ex-best friend, Kelsey Nicole Harris. According to reports, both Lanez and Harris tested positive for gunshot residue, leaving a seed of doubt to be planted if the defense team gets its way.

Several courthouse reporters have been sharing real-time updates, causing a firestorm of reactions.

“Lanez denies being shooter,” tweeted reporter Nancy Dillon. “Megan will testify & is adamant she saw Lanez fire. Lanez’s atty plans to present theory Megan’s former best friend Kelsey Harris could have discharged gun. (Both Lanez & Harris tested+ for GSR… it travels in small spaces) Harris also due to testify.”

She added: “Lanez just walked into the courtroom holding hands with a young boy who appeared to be his son (I couldn’t get a good look, media lined up to the side). Lanez also was accompanied by his father. Not clear how long the child will stay. Judges typically restrict kids under 10.”


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Dillon also wrote that Harris “will testify that she ‘saw her close friend get shot by the defendant.’” A prosecutor also “showed visual of a series of text messages that Kelsey Harris sent Megan’s bodyguard” about five minutes after the shooting. They read: “Help,” “Tory shot Meg,” and “911.”

Meanwhile, No Jumper broke down the defense and prosecution’s opening statements. Lanez claims Megan was in a “drunken jealous tirade” that caused Kylie Jenner to kick her out of a party. Lanez reportedly left with Megan, but on the ride home, an argument escalated. During the drive, Lanez allegedly revealed he and Megan slept together behind Harris’s back, and the two women turned on one another.

Harris then allegedly admitted that Megan did the same in the past with DaBaby and Ben Simmons after Harris dated them both. Lanez says Megan demanded the car be pulled over, jumped out of the vehicle, and she and Kelsey engaged in a physical fight. A witness who lived nearby claimed he saw the fight take place.

However, the prosecution states otherwise.

During its opening statement, the prosecution alleges Harris followed Megan to help her, with Lanez close behind. When he loomed, Harris walked toward Lanez “to stop him from approaching,” and that’s when he “punched Kelsey and pulled her to the ground by her hair,” reports No Jumper.

Lanez allegedly told both women to get back into the vehicle, and they did. While in the SUV, Harris sent Megan’s bodyguard those series of short text messages. Upon arrival, police discovered a “warm” firearm “in a “slide lock position.” Prosecutors also reportedly told the court they have “audio of Tory’s call from jail to Kelsey. He apologized profusely!”

We’ll keep you updated as more information is shared. It has been stated that Megan is slated to take the stand on Wednesday (December 14).


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