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General News : Soulja Boy Slams Elon Musk & Vows To Make His Own App

General News : Soulja Boy Slams Elon Musk & Vows To Make His Own App

General News : Soulja Boy Slams Elon Musk – The “Crank That” artist is just one of the many celebrities calling out Twitter’s new owner.

Soulja Boy says that he’s done with Twitter and intends to make his own social media app to use going forward. In particular, Soulja is upset with Musk’s handling of the site.

“Bro leave twitter alone @elonmusk wtf are you doing,” Soulja wrote on Twitter, Friday.

He added: “Wow… I can’t believe this. Fuck it I’m going to create my own app.”

After that, Soulja added that fans will be able to find him on Instagram for the time being.

“Bye twitter,” he continued, “catch me on instagram until my app launches.”

Although he purchased Twitter for $44 billion just last month, Elon Musk already has reportedly told employees that “bankruptcy isn’t out of the question,” according to multiple reports.

“We just definitely need to bring in more cash than we spend,” Musk said, as noted by The Verge. “If we don’t do that and there’s a massive negative cash flow, then bankruptcy is not out of the question. That is a priority. We can’t scale to 1 billion users and take massive losses along the way. That’s not feasible. I don’t think we will.”

The new owner correspondingly decided to implement a new $8 fee for Twitter Blue, giving all users the ability to become verified on the site. In recent days the platform has been undergoing constant changes to the way the new system works in full view of the users. Overall, the move has been casuing confusion with many parody accounts becoming verified.

Soulja Boy isn’t the only rapper to criticize Musk’s handling of the site. Likewise, Doja Cat has also gone back and forth with the billionaire on the app, being upset with her inability to change her username.

Check out Soulja’s recent tweets below.



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