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General News : Tom Brady Movie “80 For Brady” Gets New Trailer

General News : Tom Brady Movie “80 For Brady” Gets New Trailer

General News : Tom Brady Movie – Tom Brady is one of the best athletes of all time. He has won seven Super Bowls, and at this point in his career, it really doesn’t matter if he goes into a slump. It is likely that this is his final season, and he will likely make the playoffs, no matter what.

Having said that, Brady isn’t even out of the league and new movies are already being made about him. Interestingly enough, the next Brady picture won’t be a documentary. Instead, it will be a fictional film starring Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Sally Fields, and Rita Moreno.
New Tom Brady Film

This movie is called 80 For Brady and it follows the lives of four women who decide to seek some excitement. All four are massive Tom Brady fans, and they decide to go on a journey to the Super Bowl. They believe this could be the quarterback’s final run, which ultimately propels them on this trip of a lifetime.

Interestingly, it appears as though the Super Bowl in question will be Brady’s epic comeback against the Atlanta Falcons. They are going to put real footage into the movie, which will definitely ignite some nostalgia for Patriots fans.
“80 For Brady” Trailer

In the trailer down below, you can peep all of the hijinks. This is meant to be a comedy movie, and for the most part, it looks compelling. There has been a lack of comedy films over the last few years, so it’s nice to see something on the horizon. The fact that it’s sports-related makes it even more intriguing.

Overall, this film probably won’t be for everyone. However, there is definitely a market for this, and as we know, Patriots fans are all fairly hardcore.


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