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General News : Twitter Reacts To Jerrod Carmichael Telling Golden Globes Audience To Shut Up

General News : Twitter Reacts To Jerrod Carmichael Telling Golden Globes Audience To Shut Up

Jerrod Carmichael – The 80th Golden Globe Awards went down in Beverly Hills, California on Tuesday evening and Jerrod Carmichael definitely made it a night to remember. Hosting the award show, the 35-year-old made it clear on stage that he wasn’t tolerating the excessive noise, and directly told the crowd to shut up.

“Yo, yo, yo,” Carmichael said, trying to quiet the attendants down. “I didn’t think I’d spend this much time telling y’all to shut the f**k up.”

After being met with mild laughter, the comedian continued, “Everybody relax. This is a live show here. Shut up!”

Though this was Carmichael’s first time hosting the Golden Globes, one Twitter user joked online that it could also be his last, saying, “Bout to be the first and last time Jerrod Carmichael host The Golden Globe.”

Carmichael hosted “Saturday Night Live” last year shortly after coming out in his HBO special “Rothanial.”

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In a sit-down with GQ, the stand-up comic opened up about his sexuality, saying that “secret sex is the most fun sex, unfortunately. But, no more of that. Now I’m open and able to show emotion or show affection.”

“I don’t run from it,” he continued, adding, “I mean, there’s definitely still walls and I’ve still got to figure shit out, but the funniest shit on Raya is the girls that I matched with that I never responded to, a couple of them hit me and were like, ‘Ohhhh, okay. I get it now.’”

The North Carolina native has added hosting to his resume, but he also told the magazine that he doesn’t want to wear too many hats.

“I think you should show a discernible skill and be good at something. I hate when a female singer has a decent voice but they suck at dancing. B***h, stop moving. Be like Adele, just stand there. Whitney Houston made ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody,’ and she can’t dance! But who cares, because her voice was great,” he shared.

“I think [standup] is a natural way of communicating for me. I think I probably communicate better, in many ways, on stage than off, and can be more honest.”



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