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General News : Will Smith reveals he lost 30 pounds for his role in ‘Emancipation’

General News : Will Smith reveals he lost 30 pounds for his role in ‘Emancipation’

General News : Will Smith opened up about his epic physical transformation for Emancipation after he went viral with his ‘dad bod’ picture last year.

The King Richard actor, 54, revealed that he lost 30 pounds for Emancipation.

Smith appeared on Red Table Talk Wednesday episode along with his three children, Trey Smith, Jaden Smith, and Willow Smith. He recalled the viral photo he posted of his “dad bod” in May 2021 and how that picture was taken right before he started losing weight.

“I posted the out of shape, the dad bod picture,” the Gemini Man actor said. “The dad bod picture was my beginning of preparation to lose weight for Peter. I was probably 225-ish when I started, and at the lowest on the movie, I got to 195.”

Smith starrer Emancipation chronicles the real story of Peter, who runs away from a plantation in Louisiana where he was nearly killed.

Speaking of transforming his physical appearance for his role, Smith said, “For me, the physicality is a big part of what makes people go: ‘Whoa,’” he said.

“To be able to transition and manipulate your body as an actor is a big part of the suspension of disbelief for people.”

He also noted how the film’s set, which included “being out in the swamps,” was another thing that caused him to lose weight.

“It’s hot, it’s nasty,” Smith said. “You’re actually in the swamp, so your hands are dirty so you don’t really want to grab food and eat.”

Emancipation is currently streaming on Apple TV+.



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