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Home Insurance : How can you save money from home insurance?

Home Insurance : How can you save money from home insurance?

Home Insurance : money from home insurance – You can save money in several ways: Consider a higher deductible. In Oklahoma, it is normal to have a $1,000 deductible for all covered perils EXCEPT wind and hail perils which is typically 1% (1% of how much coverage you are insuring your home for. Example: Dwelling insured for $175,000, then a 1% deductible would be $1,750).

If possible, try to insure both your home and auto with the same insurance company for the multi-policy discount / bundle discount.

ASK the prospective insurance agents that you are getting your quotes from. Ask them about all of the discounts are available for home insurance. For example, some home insurers offer occupation discounts or military/veteran discounts. A new roof discount. Central burglar and smoke alarm service discount…and on and on.

If you happen to be in Oklahoma, then please contact me and I can give you more discount details to help you save money with homeowners insurance.


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